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This embodies our mission. With all the bad rap capitalism is getting these days, we want to show what’s beautiful about enterprise. About absorbing everything around you as a citizen of the world, happening upon the kernel of an idea born out of a need or a desire, a gap in the marketplace, perhaps something you saw done poorly that you knew you could do better, then you developed it, you made something, you found a system, a routine, a way of spreading your unique ability and sharing it with the world in the form of a company or a service. There is a passion in people that makes them go to work every day and do what they do. Perhaps you’ve forgotten it along the way. Perhaps you convey it with powerpoint slides and sales figures. Perhaps you jump from advertising agency to advertising agency.

In the contemporary world, we have to be nimble. We have to always remember why we do what we do and we have to not forget that spark, not let our customers forget our reasons for being. We have to have continuous improvement. We have to always stay connected. That’s what Show Love is all about. From understanding your customers better to telling your story and showing your passion, we help you build the content that connects the dots.

From events, installations and exhibits to short films and articles, we can be the outside source that reflects back to you what you do and builds value for your company through the content we create.

We love enterprising individuals. We love great ideas, innovation, and problem solving. We see companies every day that inspire us we are here to help those companies show the world what they’re made of. Contact us for more information on our services spanning from ethnography (cultural research) to content in the form of videography, photography, writing, event planning and online and social media content and strategy.

Writer, founder What Women Make (, brand strategist, social media helper elf, ethnographer, co-founder Show Love
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  • enriqueta cano

    I’m not a business seeking out your services or have much money. I am just a person who appreciates what you’re doing. Every video that I’ve seen on your Vimeo profile is amazing and it ignites within me the desire to help the businesses you showcase thrive. I wish that I had money to travel the world and visit these wonderful people. I really just wanted to say that I think you’re doing right by them and yourselves. I hope you continue on this path and are prosperous.


    PS: There is something so enriching and inspiring about “the process”. You do a great job at showing how truly beautiful it is.

    • chaunceyzalkin


      Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to say such positive and endorsing words. It means the world to a new business. We have come together after years of individual passions not finding the exact right outlet and not meeting our values to form Show Love. We’re also a married couple who love one another and what we’re doing (not to be sappy) so we love to hear that our mission resonates with others.

      Please keep in touch.


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