We believe that storytelling from your company should be genuine and authentic. That’s why we approach the job like documentary filmmakers. You can plug and play tweets and Facebook updates if you want to but people are pretty savvy about messaging which is why they’ve retreated from TV ads to make their consumer choices via networks and compelling stories. People want to be entertained and engaged, spoken with, not spoken to – and the more polished, stimulating, and relatable the delivery, the better. In deciding who to engage with, we all want to feel like we’re part of a story and that that story is going to enrich our lives.

The ‘formula’: Polished storytelling + serviceable content

Concise Communication

CLARITY is important. You want to be clear about what it is you provide and what territory your web presence and services or product occupies. Key words as hyped up as they may be are still, well, key. To break it down, the question of key words are another way of asking what are the clear language and concise vocabulary to use to place yourself in the path of your intended listener. It comes down to what people are searching for and how they CONTEXTUALIZE their search. If you’re in tune with your customer, you can answer questions before people even know they’re asking them. It sounds complicated but it’s the opposite; it’s completely natural.

How to combine the practical with the stimulating?


1. Ask.

a.) As Show Love, we interview you, our client, mining you for your best gems. Later we’ll polish those gems and deliver them in press releases, white papers, tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts and images we source or shoot, etc.

b.) Interview your stake holders. As we audit your site, your content, your brand message, your target customer we also engage your customer to find out about them, the goal being to find out how are you communicating now and if it’s the message you intend. Are you maximizing all of your wonderful assets via your communication? What does your consumer want from you that they’re not getting or what is it that they love and want more of. How can you connect?

2. Plan

We provide a Content Strategy and an Editorial Schedule and Calendar that we either execute or we execute with you. Everything is customized and personalized. Content spans all of your online and offline communications.

3. Workshop

As an aspect of Part 1 and at various intervals, we ask to come into your offices and hold workshops and break out sessions with people from all parts of your company to a.) help understand the company culture better to further outline your brand offering and as fodder for genuine, engaging storytelling and b.) in order to train your staff and invigorate your business to think social and use resources to create content for the company.

4. Tell

We’ve searched the Internet over and found plenty of wince-worthy promotional videos. As naturally curious people taking career paths as an advertising agency ethnographer,  a location scout, videographer and writer living in combined eight countries on three continents, writing about and doing video documentaries in the fields of industrial and interior design, architecture including international festivals, we are combining our Internet savvy, brand strategy savvy, and visual culture savvy to add up to a next-generation content service for loveable companies.

5. The itty-bitty

Go to our services page to learn about our taskmaster services – everything from web copy to pictures to captions to your online weekly newsletter to blogging to internal linking and content architecture to editing what you write to finding *strategic partners for you to build your network. Everything content, we do.

* Networks – As a pre-blog era blogger in 1999, nominated for a Webby in 2003, a trends and insights consultant (when there were very few of us) to ad agencies and marketing firms, and then as a senior brand strategist inside of two agencies, 2 years in Paris and 2 1/2 in Barcelona, working and chronicling the best of the best in the realm of design, education, the arts, advertising, technology and branding, I have a strong and varied network of talent to pull from. My videographer partner breaks down barriers of access everywhere he goes.

*graphic by Mohammad Awwad

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