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Show Love is honored to have been chosen to bring you the incredible story of Edible Schoolyard New York – a garden-centered hands-on learning program springing up in New York’s neediest neighborhoods with the goal of spreading to schools all over the city. We filmed as the first showcase school in Brooklyn (P.S. 216) headed towards it’s third magical year and construction of the East Harlem school (P.S. 7) was set to begin with kids, parents, and teachers sharing their experiences and their excitement.


The impact of the edible schoolyard in New York City goes beyond its surface assets of celebrating children by giving them beautiful gardens, homemade vegetables, and fresh air as tools for healthier living. It teaches kids about their own personal power and their place in the world. It shows kids in demonstrable terms, that the change they can affect in their lives and the lives of those around them starts with a tiny seed that with perseverance can grow into an abundant garden of opportunity, health, and happiness.

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