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US Sailor Ryan Breymaier has sailed around the world and holds the record for the ‘Golden Route’: New York to San Francisco by way of Cape Horn. Now, he has just won the New York to Barcelona ‘Ocean Masters’ race, and plans next to participate in the Vendee Globe – the biggest solo around the world race. Despite his success, and being the only American sailor in his class, he remains relatively unknown in the US. Here we meet him in New York before his race.


We first met Ryan in 2010 as he was taking off for the Barcelona World Race from the port in Barceloneta. All of the brightly colored slick sailboats stood in stark contrast to the darkening sky of an overcast day. Despite the weather he and his partner were full of energy, in good spirits, and ready to race around the world. The video story that came out of our discovery of Ryan, the only American in the race, was the first thing that we did together as a team. Show Love was officially born a year later.

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