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Short Films and Videos

“impressive…great material.. the footage just looks stunning!!”
-DDB Amsterdam

‘Best thing we’ve ever done for our marketing.’
-Bob Fireman, owner, From The Source

“I find your work highly interesting, very strong visually…you make the ordinary look magic, and ugliness seem elegant…”
Christian Métrailler, Head of TV, Atletico International Advertising

“I love the video! You’re the best! You really understood perfectly what I wanted and just did it.Thank you so much!”
Bernard Onghena, Owner, Via-Vespa Barcelona

“We received very, very positive feedback from customers. It adds real value to show our philosophy of artisan baking. We are absolutely delighted with the final product and have noticed a big increase in fans on our Facebook page.”
Manex Susaeta, Owner, Cup & Cake Barcelona

“Me encanta el video, transmite muy bien la filosofía y el ambiente de cup&cake, genial!” (“I love the video. It does such a good job of conveying the atmosphere of the place as well as communicating the Cup & Cake philosophy – brilliant!”)
– Walls Are Tired via Cup & Cake Facebook Page

“Me gusta mucho que nos enseñeis el proceso.” (“I really like that we can see the whole process of what goes on there.”)
-Noemi Samper Guzman via Cup & Cake Facebook Page

“Voy ahora mismo pa allá!” (“I’ve got to go there right away!”)
-Javier Sahí via Cup & Cake Facebook Page

“quin video mes fantastic, felicitats!!!” (“What a fantastic video, congratulations!”)
– Loles Freixas via Cup & Cake Facebook Page

“This is really a gooooood video!!!! especially at the end when Zoe blew out the incense….what a beautiful ending:)”
Tsairose via Youtube re: Chinese New Year Event, Corretger5

“The most artistic Chinese New Year I’ve ever seen. I love it!!”
vw726 via Youtube re: Chinese New Year Event, Corretger5

“muy buen trabajo!! me gusta muchísimo, enhorabuena!” (“Very good work!! I like it so much. Congratulations!”)
kudilamaquina88 via Youtube re: Palestine In Focus Event, Corretger5

Social Media, Brand Strategy, and Writing

As a Senior Planner in the Planning and Research department… the lead planner on Victoria’s Secret PINK and the Truth Anti-Tobacco business, Chauncey served in the role of trend spotter for the agency and helped keep CP+B on the leading edge of popular culture..(she) is smart and very passionate about the projects she works on.
– Tom Birk, as VP/Director of Strategic Planning, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

No marketer seeking to reach women today can afford NOT to be speaking to Chauncey.
– Barry Herstein, as SVP Marketing, American Express International

Chauncey Zalkin is a leading voice in young women’s entrepreneurship.
Lindsey Pollack, co-author of Women For Hire: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job

Few people are so astute as to see the future coming. Chauncey is one such person. She is held in the highest regard by her peers. Anyone who counts Chauncey on their team is extremely fortunate and can count on her to add an invaluable contribution to whatever project or initiative is at hand.” March 14, 2010
Melissa Sterry, UK, Sustainability Innovation Strategist & Design Scientist

..a unique entrepreneur and a one of a kind innovator. From teaching to trends to modern branding.” September 14, 2010
Itai Talmi, Israel, Brand Engagement Strategy

..a talented and capable writer with an ability to translate trends into concrete ideas.” January 21, 2009
John Bartleson, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Nokia , formerly of Rocawear and Rocafella Records

..understands social phenomena, listens and pays attention to details. Chauncey Zalkin helped us understand ethnography and cultural studies not as something theoretical but clearly relevant for our job as branders and communicators. March 15, 2010
-Antonio Monerris, Spain, Principle at Brain Ventures

..a breath of fresh air, in touch with consumers from all over the world bringing invaluable insights and trends that many planners can only access via research, blogs or the internet. Not only is she an amazing writer but she’s one of the smartest people I know, plus she’s got a great attitude which makes her a pleasure to work with.” February 21, 2009
Liliana Cerilo, Brand Planning Director at GlobalHue, formerly Account Planner at Crispin Porter + Bogusky