Film production for lovable brands and more. Whether it be through documentary film shorts, photography, text, or internal listening sessions, we tell authentic stories. We don’t use scripts and we don’t make stuff up. We do this by choosing to only work for a certain kind of business or project. One that displays one or more of the following traits that we think make a great and honest story for our times:

  • Sustainable: business models that work now, will work in the future, that sustain life on this planet, that make sense for a new more conscientious era
  • Innovative
  • Soulful
  • Community-minded
  • Whimsical
  • Aesthetically Sublime
  • Solves a problem
  • Ethical (always)

We love design, food, farming, agriculture, urban planning, technology, social enterprise, education, fine craftsmanship, thoughtful retail, breakthrough healthcare, medicine, planes, trains, automobiles, and more.

Documentary Videos

Cinematic and highly spreadable documentary video shorts

Copy & Photography

clearer mission statements, bios, descriptions, still photography, looping video (our version of the animated gif) and more.

Listening Sessions

(Insights) We conduct on-camera roundtable groups and interviews for internal development.

Strategy Workshops

We act as a sounding board and editor to shape your story. Content strategy and creative direction for lovable clients.

  • Yoko Furusho
  • Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture
  • Rick Owens
  • New York Cosmos
  • Humanscale
  • Haven's Kitchen
  • From The Source
  • Erased Tapes
  • Edible Schoolyard New York
  • Craft Coffee
  • Cotton Inc.
  • Collaborative Fund
  • Barcelona Reykjavik
  • Art Directors Club of Europe
  • Edible Schoolyard New York
Creative Director | Co-Founder
Creative and Strategic Direction, Production, Writing, Ethnography

For Show Love, Chauncey brings to bear 15 years experience as a writer, entrepreneur, ethnographer, account planner, and brand strategist both at leading ad agencies and as a consultant.

She was a Webby-nominated pre-blog era blogger on women and design, wrote for magazines, was lauded for her entrepreneurship in The Daily News after 9/11, worked on brands globally, wrote a novel, and in 2010 hosted 10 award-winning female industrial designers and artists from 6 countries, 3 continents at the London Design Festival.

Living most of her adult life in New York, apart from a stint at ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, she went on to spend 2007 through 2011 living in Paris, Biarritz, and then Barcelona finally coming home to New York to start Show Love focusing on socially and environmentally progressive companies and projects.

All work through May 2016 shot and edited by Peter Crosby.