Introducing Brooklyn Furniture Designer Daniel Moyer

Part I: The Trailer

Daniel Moyer builds.
He builds furniture.
With his own two hands.
Out of beautiful and strong wood.
Sourced from a small grower in Pennsylvania.
Most pieces utilize wood joinery
and stripes of contrasting wood create the pattern.
Wood on wood.
This creates a grace of symmetry with impact that is subtle but resounding.
It leaves an impression but doesn’t take over the room or the minds of the people inhabiting a space.
This is harmony. Harmony with expression.
It pleases the sensibilities of those connected to the earth who have a love of the process of refining and honoring the best materials.
These are Daniel Moyers designs.
he builds them in a sun-drenched studio in Brooklyn.
We’re on I-78.
The truck is loaded up with English Walnut, Black Locust, and Mulberry
in preparation of a new collection.
Stay tuned for his story as it unfolds.
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Part I: In Words & ImagesĀ 

(For better viewing, view on the iPad:)

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