Unwrapped Soon: From The Source

Unwrapped soon: not your average every day importer of Indonesian furniture. They are a design company and international family of workers that are passionate about sustainability. They’ve built jaw-dropping tables and wall murals for John Varvatos, Aveda, the Duane Street Hotel and restaurants Hachi and Bánh Mì.

The environment at From The Source is creative, free, and respectful. “If you’re passionate about an idea, you will find people to support you to make it happen.” I heard that sentiment time and time again in our interviews. Co-founder Bob Fireman goes to Solo in Central Java no less than 6 times a year where he spends time with his team of 50 workers and travels to antique shops, plantations, and old homes in surrounding towns working strictly within FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified guidelines.

Coming in March…

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