Responses to New York Cicerone

We are so thrilled to hear the following responses to New York Cicerone that Justin Ferate received:

“It is really well done, better it is artful.  I loved it…such animation and joy following J. around.”

“I am ‘verklempt!’”

“What a wonderful video!!!  It truly does capture your special essence.”

“The imagery combined with the music and reflections are memorizing.”

“I just saw your video.  Wow!!!!!”

“It certainly does convey that special quality and presence.”

“Dear Justin, It’s terrific. So YOU!!!”

“You should have seen my face in the widest smile, beside kvelling – I got verklemt!”

“Excellent!! Mazel tov! Very very impressive.”

“I cry every time I watch… It is like a beautiful love letter or sonnet.”

“A beautiful paean to the best tour guide anywhere!*”

(*Heidi Colsman-Freyberger, noted art historian who worked with Robert Motherwell and Barnett Newman)

3 Responses to “Responses to New York Cicerone”
  1. Theresa Dickson says:

    If your website is intended to showcase “the passionate people of the world,” then I applaud your choosing Justin Ferate. There is no one more dedicated to (or enthusiastic about) his profession as a cicerone. As a relatively-new resident of New York City, I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon him and his vast stores of knowledge about my new hometown. As Tina Turner sings, he’s “simply the best!”

    • chaunceyzalkin says:

      Awww That really made us smile. Thanks Theresa! How did you come across Justin originally?

      • Theresa Dickson says:

        In 2009, I was introduced to Justin’s website by a fellow theatergoer who also led walking tours throughout the city. Since joining Justin’s mailing list, I have signed up for many of his tours and found him to be remarkable.

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