Swiss Miss Pimps Our Ride

The Inverted Bike Shop launched in a great whirling roar of viral success the day after Valentine’s Day. No, it’s not a video about kittens, babies, or dangerous stunts, but received 20k views in the first week. (UPDATE 3/17/12: We’ve passed the 67k mark and we made the Vimeo Staff Channel Feature Page! Yay!) Then people started watching the rest of the Show Love videos. We were so pleased with the praise and attention. Yesterday, which is about a month after our initial launch, Swiss Miss posted the Inverted Bike Shop on her globally famous blog and we got 10,600 views in one day.
(UPDATE 3/23/12: We reached the 150k mark!)

Here’s what people are saying:

Silent Fool (he’s no fool) said:

“love this video.

I watched it and couldn’t stop thinking about it all day – liked the way it was shot, liked the mentality of the business, loved the simplicity of the bike that was being put together… just love it. period.”

Marina says:

This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen!

We’re blushing.

One of the ones from Twitter. Mark Stephens writes:

“beautiful, almost zen-like”

The hugely influential Maria Popova @brainpicker introduced it to her followers as:

“so great”

Eric Schmidt says:

As a cyclist and businesscritter, I find this video comforting and inspiring. Bike shops often get a bad rep because of snobbery and arrogance, but it sure looks like 718 Cyclery has found a better way. It’s good to now there are people out there working to bring humanity back to retail.

The pace and mood of the video is perfect. Kudos!

hanckxlife says:

Beautiful portrait.
The voice over and sharpness/blur in combination with that score…
Very Nice…!!!

Eduardo Duccigne says:

“Amazing video, amazing shop, amazing process. Amazing bike, too!”

Naomie Ross says:

“When I’m ready to buy a bike, I’m going there!”

No Sugar Studio says:

“Lovely video. Lovely process!  When I get to NY, I’m going there.”

From a personal blog ““:

This is a great example of how the back story behind a company can be a very powerful connecting force. This simple video documents the passion of the owner, his connection to his clients, and shows the very human side of his business. This is the kind of thing that is very hard to get from a website, a social network, direct mail, etc. By letting the owner of 718 Cyclery tell his story, in a short five minute film, Show Love has captured and presented something real, and captivating.This is the kind of thing that has real linger time. It gets you interested, and pulls you in for more. It works.

and many more on Twitter, Vimeo, and in the Swiss Miss comments section.

Thanks guys!

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