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From The Source

Tucked in an old shipping warehouse in a corner of Greenpoint, Brooklyn lies “From the Source”, purveyors of sustainably and ethically produced furniture designed ‘wood first’ from Indonesian hardwoods.

We’ve been working with them since the day we returned to New York and they’ve become good friends. With a family approach to business that links two continents and three amazing characters, it’s a furniture company unlike any other. Without further ado we bring you From The Source. 

New Face of Farming

On a brisk weekend this past December, Show Love captured the essence of a burgeoning movement of young farmers who came together from all corners of the country to the Stone Barns Center (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, home to Blue Hill restaurant) to mingle and connect.

Watch out big agro, welcome to the future of food, health, and community. This is what sustainability looks like:


Show Love has been hired to head social content for an upcoming trend website by Getty Images (writing, trend insights, and editorial direction) serving the global creative community. Stay tuned for an early July launch,

Show Love just wrapped from shooting the official ‘making of’ video for the first single and video off a new album from none other than Tori Amos! Mark your calendars for an October release.

And last but definitely not least, The Inverted Bike Shop will be featured at this years Bicycle Film Festival running from June 27 through July 1st in a city near you. See the new teaser here.

Stay tuned for more social content for your viewing pleasure in mid-June as well as an announcement about a new service of ours called Show Love Insights.

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